We have the experience needed to help you buy your first business or sell your life’s work


Your first conversation with ROI Corp will be with one of our team members. This is important to us both because we want you to know how important you and your business are to ROI Corp, and because we want to accurately assess your needs so we can introduce you to the team members who are best suited to serve you.

After meeting, we will be happy to provide you with contact information to speak with some of our former clients. Most of our new clients come from referrals!

Who We Serve

ROI operates two divisions to serve clients of any size. The majority of our work has always been in representing sellers. However, buyer representation and assisting owners in transitioning to key employees or family members are now fast growing parts of our business.

Business Brokerage Division

Serves “Main Street” businesses with a value of under one million dollars

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Mergers and Acquisitions Division

Provides the special services required to support larger “Middle Market” deals in the $2 million to $25 million plus range.

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The ROI Corp Difference

We have the experience needed to help you buy your first business or sell your life’s work. Our founder, Gary Rayberg sold his first business in 1983, and has started and sold several others over the years. It’s this bi-lateral experience that guides our respect for all members of a transaction. These are the tenants by which we operate at ROI Corp:


ROI Corporation is dedicated to serving the needs of business buyers and sellers with equally high and ethical standards of service. We subscribe to the code of ethics of the International Business Brokers Association and hold ourselves to even higher standards than required by that code.


Most of our team members have more than 20 years of business experience. We have been instrumental in sales involving businesses and/or real estate in over 30 states and several foreign countries since our founding in 1997.


We will service your engagement until closing day and beyond, working at all times in your best interest. Most importantly, whether you are buying, selling or require a business valuation, we will guide you to the finish line successfully.


We return phone calls and emails. We are never too busy to provide good customer service. If you work with us to find your first business or your group’s 100th acquisition, you will be the recipient of honest effort and attention to detail.

The ROI Corp Team

Most of ROI Corp’s business brokers and M&A advisors have more than 20 years of business experience. On top of that real world knowledge, we keep up to date with understanding the challenges that confront our clients, we commit to annual continuing education in the areas of valuation, deal structure, financing and industry specific education.

ROI Corp’s president is one of approximately 100 M&A professionals in the world to hold the Mergers and Acquisitions Master Intermediary (M&AMI) designation. This is awarded by the world’s largest M&A trade association for meeting education and completed transaction requirements, following peer review.

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Seller Services

There are more buyers than sellers in the marketplace in 2018 so it’s a great time to sell a strong business. ROI provides professional third party valuation services so that you will have a good idea of what to expect for a sales price and the ability to defend that asking price with a buyer. ROI has a proprietary Controlled Informal Auction process that leads to success in getting you the highest price for your life’s work. Alternatively, ROI can assist in transferring your business to another family member, a trusted employee or a known buyer on a consulting basis. Most other brokers will not help in this process.

In 2018 we saw an abundance of well-funded private equity groups, family offices and private investors looking to purchase companies as well. Because of our reputation, our phone rings daily with these groups looking for successful companies to acquire. We track what these groups are looking for and know which ones to contact for a particular industry.

Why we’re “ROI” Corp

It pays to work with an M&A Advisor when selling your business. “In the study Does Hiring M&A Advisors Matter for Private Sellers? several academics analyzed a sample of 4,469 acquisitions of private sellers from 1980-2012 to “examine the decision and consequences of hiring sell-side M&A advisers.” The study showed that “private sellers receive significantly higher acquisition premiums when they retain M&A advisers” and this held true across all deal sizes. In other words, advisers generally lead to better deals than CEO’s and business owners can get on their own.”

Buyer Services

To get started, we’ll walk you through our in-depth needs analysis process. This will allow us to develop a list of possible target companies from an average of almost 200 available listings. We can also do a search within a specific industry or geographic area of companies not yet for sale. See our Proactive Acquisition Search Services (“PASS”) Program for more details.

Even the best deals can grind to a halt if a buyer can’t secure financing on time. To proactively avoid this roadblock, ROI has developed relationships with banks and other lenders who are lending money at market rates, often in connection with SBA guarantees.

In our experience, 2017 saw active lending by banks on 7A SBA loans. In January of 2018, the SBA reduced the amount of required down payment to 10% and in some cases, even less! These are the loans that often finance new business acquisitions by individuals, with purchase prices up to about six million dollars.

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