Can’t find the right business to acquire? ROI can help!

Proactive Acquisition Search Service “PASS” model

As it is with homes, people often think that a business needs to be posted for sale in order to be available for purchase. That’s just not the case. According to national statistics one in five businesses would be willing to sell at any given time! If you’re tired of looking for the right first business or an add-on acquisition, let ROI Corp represent you as a buyer’s broker representative to help you find the perfect business, keeping your best interests in mind.


The first step is to have a series of strategic discussions about your interest in acquiring a business, the industry and business attributes that are appealing to you, and other intangibles that we should look for.

We will also gain an understanding of the strengths of your business and what you view as the benefits of becoming a larger organization. This will be used in communication with potential sellers who are likely not looking to sell, but could be persuaded.

Based on the above conversations, we will develop a list of target companies that meet your industry, revenue size, and geography requirements and will begin evaluating them based on publicly available information.

The target company list will be contacted via a personal letter from ROI Corporation. It’s important that this letter identify your company and describe you as a highly qualified, motivated and real buyer to remove the prospect’s concerns about your financial qualification and any obligation to pay a fee.

A week later, we follow-up with a personal phone call ask if the prospect has any interest in a possible sale of the business. ROI will continue to follow-up in a polite but persistent way until we get an answer one way or the other

Meetings with the business owners who are interested in learning more will be facilitated.

Target companies interested in moving to the next level will provide data to ROI Corp for a thorough a proprietary process.

We can help you review the options so that you have confidence making a final selection.

An offer is made to the top choice and purchase agreements are issued

Many of our clients have offered to act as references and we’d be glad to make an introduction. To get started or learn more, contact us at 781-682-6209, by email, or using the Request Information form to the right of this page.

Proactive Acquisition Search Services (“PASS”) Frequently Asked Questions

How is ROI Corp compensated?

ROI Corp is paid a commission based on the purchase price of the business. This fee is split 50/50 by the buyer and the seller; the seller’s portion coming out of the proceeds of the purchase price. In this way, the compensation model is similar to that of a Realtor in a residential real estate transaction.

Why would a seller agree to pay a commission to a buyer’s broker?

This model actually saves the seller money. A business that is brought to market takes about 3-9 months to sell and the owner pays a higher brokerage fee than this shared commission arrangement.

What if you do not find me a business in our agreement period?

It’s not common, but it is possible. In this scenario, we’ll most likely expand the time frame and continue to work at the process provided the buyer is still qualified and motivated.

What if another broker has the listing I want?

ROI is a founder of the business MLS system in New England and is happy to co-operate with other brokers. In fact a key component of our buyer representation is reaching out to other brokers on a regular basis to see if they have a business that may be of interest to our buyer. We would only be compensated once in the transaction and in most cases accept the compensation offered by the listing agent.

What if I find a business opportunity on my own?

We will be happy to contact them and qualify, negotiate and bring the transaction through due diligence with you as we would any other opportunity. Remember that most of the effort in buying a business occurs between the agreement to buy and the closing date. It is in this 45 to 90 day period that financing, due diligence etc. are completed as well as final negotiations on training, employment, premises leases and even pricing and payment terms, and more.