Selling a liquor store in MA or RI?

At ROI we have many years of experience selling liquor stores. As a result we know how to value and sell your liquor store for the highest possible price. We have experience in leased locations and locations with real estate. Not only that, we know that selling your liquor store is only half the battle and we’re ready to lead the process of a smooth liquor license transfer to get the deal done.

Seller Services:

Call ROI for a no cost Opinion of Value Report based on time tested valuation principals. Know where you stand from the start!

Our goal is simple… to get you multiple offers and drive value up.

ROI created a proprietary system that helps maintain total confidentiality about the marketing of your business from employees and customers until you are ready to announce the sale.

We will work with the seller and buyer through the process of negotiation, deal structure, financing, liquor license transfer approvals and the closing. As the process can take several months, ROI will do the hard work while you continue to run your store for maximum profit.

We get paid when you get paid, at the closing. Our fees are based on the success of selling your liquor store and are among the most competitive anywhere. We can do this because in the decade that we’ve been helping owners sell liquor stores, we’ve developed a database of over 2,000 prescreened qualified buyers who are ready to hear from us any time.

If you would like an introduction to a lawyer and CPA with experience with liquor stores and town boards in your local market, we can gladly help.

ROI has been selling liquor stores in Massachusetts and Rhode Island since 2005. Let us help you sell your MA Liquor Store or sell your RI Liquor Store today.