Selling Medical Practice is an industry many M&A advisors choose to stay away from. We work with a range of medical practices including dermatology, psychiatric, physical therapy, chiropractic, urgent care clinics, home health care, and more. If you are considering selling, you need an advisor who understands the complications of transferring insurance contracts, medical billing, licenses, and other requirements that come up only in this industry.

If it’s time for you to sell, or if you want to grow by way of acquisitions, ROI Corp has the experienced advisors you need to guide you through the M&A process and the complexities of the medical field.

Seller Services

Given the administrative and compliance requirements, staffing challenges, licenses, and insurance contracts needed to run a medical practice, it’s difficult for an independent practitioner to provide care while running the day to day administrative tasks of the company. Medical practice business owners recognize that being larger leads to greater efficiencies in overhead and compliance areas. The majority of practices will be purchased by another medical professional, not someone new to the industry. We developed a proprietary system to help us identify qualified buyers, and then get them to confidentially bid on your company, ensuring you the highest price for your business. With this arrangement, you may also have the option to sell only a majority stake in the business, securitizing your future and remaining on for a second, and potentially larger, sale of the remaining portion later!

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Improve your business now and sell for more at a later date:

If you have 1-5 years before you may want to sell your business, you have time to increase your future pay-out. ROI Corp’s Value Maker Program is a proprietary process that benchmarks the value of your business now, and identifies the 5-15 key points that you can focus on with your CPA or business advisor so that when you’re ready to sell, your business is worth much more to potential buyers than it is today.

Buyer Services

Many medical practices are difficult to transition because of the stringent oversight and the challenges of license’s transfers. Beyond that, it’s sometimes difficult to be profitable given the complexities of the insurance companies and Medicare/Medicaid payments. ROI’s experienced advisors will assist in guiding you through the transfer of existing insurance contracts, and target the companies’ that will fit your geographic area of service, and the scope of disciplines provided. With ROI, you can feel confident that your acquisition will make your organization stronger, not just larger.

We have developed a proprietary model to identify, contact, qualify, and evaluate businesses for possible acquisition by an individual or a corporate buyer. We are seeking the proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’. That requires us to turn over a lot of hay. Our record of success representing buyers is outstanding. Learn more about how the PASS model works.

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