ROI has sold Commercial Real Estate since our inception.

We are licensed to sell real estate in MA, NH, RI and GA with local agents in all four markets. Whether your real estate is where your business is located, or is a free standing commercial building or rental property, we can help you:

  • Establish the Value
  • Market the Property
  • Negotiate with the Buyers
  • Avoid Pit Falls, such as unknown Environmental or Zoning issues, that can cost you money!
  • Sell the Property for the Best Value

Let us provide you with a Broker’s Opinion of Value or arrange for a full Appraisal, to help you decide if this might be the right time to sell!

Our customized marketing plans will deliver results. Many buyers come to us looking for a real estate investment or a location for a business venture. We understand what these buyers are looking for and will showcase your property to these buyers as well as marketing the property by traditional means.

Contact us today for an initial evaluation of your property’s value.

We sell… Warehouses, Strip Malls, Free Standing Commercial Buildings, Restaurants, Gas Stations and many other types of commercial real estate.